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  • SPECT Brain Imaging Service

    may be The Most Important Picture you ever take.
    Visualizes actual brain functioning. SPECT imaging services
  • “I feel like I am living for the first time in my life! I am actually able to stay awake and have a life during the daytime. I’m even taking tap dance lessons, something I always wanted to do. I feel so good it seems like I am living for the first time in my life!”
    - Claire, Current Patient
  • “My life has been transformed through my therapy at the Mind Matters Clinic. This started a journey of uncovering the baggage carried deep in my subconscious. Today I have a completely new outlook on life with a new beginning and a sense of freedom”
    - Tracy, Former Patient
  • “...Because of the SPECT scan technology and the expertise and compassion of The Mind Matters clinic staff, our son has made tremendous strides in both his school work and his personal life.”
    - Jennifer, Parent of a Patient
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