What to Expect

The process is simple.

Two scans, a concentration scan and resting scan, are performed at least 24 hours apart. Each scan takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Both are non-invasive and do not require going inside a tube. For each scan, a small IV is placed in the arm, a small amount of imaging solution (tracer) is injected and the SPECT camera rotates around the clients’s head.

The concentration scan is usually performed first. The client is given a task that requires prolonged concentration. When the client is engaged in this task, the imaging agent is injected into the IV. Once the task is completed, the client lays on the table and the SPECT camera rotates.

The resting scan is performed after the client relaxes in a quiet room. The imaging agent is injected into the IV and again the client lies on the SPECT scan table as the camera rotates.

The radiation exposure from one scan is about the same as for one abdominal x-ray or two-thirds of a CT scan. The tracer is almost completely cleared out of the body within 24 hours.